B Class Engine Package

The B Class Engine Package includes:

  • Race Piston
  • Cylinder head Porting
  • Race camshaft
  • Hi performance valve spring kit
  • Newen CNC valve seat cutting
  • Cylinder head machining
  • Oversize buckets
  • Oversize bucket hole machining
  • Ignition mapping
  • Cylinder coating
  • Piston coating
  • Piston rings coating
  • Piston pin coating
  • Valves coating
  • Intake buckets coating
  • Camshaft coating
  • Top end gaskets kit
  • Labor

Our most popular engine package; this engine delivers very good performance. Initially this package uses OEM valves; however, I do not encourage using them as they have been known to fail under heavy valve spring loads. We highly recommend installing Copper-Berilium seats and guides with Titanium valves.